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Together on Steps

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Come stand for a moment on these steps with me.

Pause, look down, what do you see?

I see life passing by

An angry word said

I see missed opportunities

A worn empty thread

I see all the worlds sadness

Why are things this way?

I feel like I failed

Struggles everyday

I see people I knew

Hear all the things I said

A book over written

Thoughts too well read

Look again I say that’s not what I see

There seems to be a difference, please bear with me.

I see a life well lived

Emotions alive

Different paths chosen

Able to strive

I see a desire to make better

A heart spilling free

Someone whose trying

No matter what will be

Yes I see the pain

I see the emotions felt

And a tongue held wisely

Just managing what’s dealt

Now look up there, what can there be?

Step in the unknown for a second with me.

That’s scary you say

I just don’t know why

I’m not sure either

But I’m willing to try

I see uncertainty and worry

A world that doesn’t know

No place to settle

Things too fast or slow

I see an ageing body

A mind becoming dull

Searching for connection

But never feeling full

Wait but I can see it, refocus your eyes....

Take another look up to the skies.

I see a mind that is thinking

I see energy conserved

A world full of choices

Where nothing’s reserved

Where kindness and wisdom

Feed inquisitive minds

I see a bruised heart

Because it’s loved so many times

Most people feel this way

That life might pass us by

When really it’s the journey

That teaches us to try

So what do you think?

There’s no guarantee.

Will you take my hand and climb these steps with me?

(Painting; 'Together on Steps' Original Water colour by Bill Lupton)

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