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All therapy appointments are via telephone or video call.


We offer standard 50 minute appointments. However, if you need something changing to help you access our service we will try our best to accommodate you.  In the first instance please use the contact sheet and someone will get back to you to discuss your needs in order to decide if you would like to proceed with online therapy. This initial consultation is free of charge.  Please note that we aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours so please check your spam folder if you can't see a response within this time (it is advised to add our email to your contacts list to avoid this happening).


Individual reflective or therapy appointment (privately funded) (50 minutes): £140

Every person is unique so appointments will vary according to individual needs and preferences. Your sessions will be tailored to you and will follow the plan you and your Clinical Psychologist agreed together in your initial appointment. Your Clinical Psychologist will work closely with you adapting things as needed and regularly checking how things are going to make sure your sessions are helpful for you.

Couples/family appointments (privately funded) (50 minutes): £150

These are appointments which involve couples or multiple family members at the same time.

Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Fees to insurance companies may vary from our standard fees so please ask for current rates.  If you are paying through PMI we will need to know what level of reimbursement is available to you, and be given the Authorisation Code from your PMI prior to your session. 

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