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Dr Vicky McCaig

HCPC Registration Number: PYL18371

In my personal profile I hope to give you enough information so you know who I am both as a Psychologist and a person so you can decide if I am the one best placed to support you or your loved one at the current time.


I have been working in helping professions for over 25 years and in that time have been lucky to work with a whole variety of people both individually and within their families and other groups. I have also supervised other professionals extensively around their own clinical work. I have been amazed by the capacity people show to overcome challenges in their lives and feel privileged to be part of their journeys. I am also forever learning and developing new approaches and techniques in my work.  All the techniques I use I have explored and used in my own life.

I qualified as a Clinical psychologist in 2003, shortly after the birth of my son. It is safe to say my experience as a mother influenced my decision to specialise in working with children and families in my early career.  I developed a particular interest in supporting parents around behaviour and emotional challenges with their children (and themselves) and working with young people who are described as 'neuro atypical'. I have been strongly involved in the implementation of ‘Multi Systemic Therapy’ and ‘Functional Family Therapy’ across numerous areas in the UK, which are both evidenced-based models working intensively with families where there is a risk of family breakdown. It has been incredibly rewarding to see the change these interventions have made to people’s lives.

In my private practice I work with people of all ages presenting with a variety of concerns, especially relating to stress, anxiety, low mood and confidence issues.  When I start working with someone the first few sessions tend to involve getting a good picture of what they are experiencing which then guides us to the most appropriate intervention to help. My favoured interventions draw most heavily from cognitive-behavioural, compassion focused and acceptance and commitment therapy approaches. I believe the best outcome from therapy is not just for someone to feel better confronting a current challenge but to develop skills that can also be used effectively in future situations which may arise. I also believe that psychological concepts should be fully accessible to everyone and strive to cut through any jargon as much as possible.

​I am a Meditation Teacher accredited with the British School of Meditation and believe strongly in promoting these approaches to enhance wellbeing and consistently practice this myself.  I can incorporate these into my therapeutic work with clients or teach these aspects specifically either on an individual or group basis.  I have also completed training in ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’ (Tapping) and can offer specialist sessions using this modality or incorporate this as part of our work together.

I am a KonMari Consultant where I can support people to declutter and reorganise their external environment to enhance their inner wellbeing and gain more clarity and freedom in their lives.  This approach has completely transformed my own life and I find it exciting to share this with others.

Although I have spent many years working face-to-face with people therapeutically and am incredibly happy in this approach, I now specialise in offering all my interventions online to clients.  I see the use of technology in this way, not as a barrier, but a means and opportunity to connect with people in ways it has not been possible to do before. I feel that online working offers greater choice, accessibility, flexibility and creativity in the nature of the work. I am constantly developing the use of a variety of mediums including the incorporation of video, audio and avatar-based techniques.  I have access to a programme called 'Proreal' (Home - ProReal) which I am happy for you to ask me about how this could be incorporated within our work together.

If you would like to know more about how I work and have the opportunity to meet with me to discuss the support you are looking, for please get in touch to book an initial free, no obligation 20-minute consultation slot.

Dr Julie Hare

HCPC Registration Number: PYL05492


I am a Clinical Psychologist with 18 years post qualified experience in the NHS. I am experienced in using psychological therapies to help individuals, couples, families and older people presenting with a wide range of mental health distress. I am interested in issues around self esteem/identity/culture, childhood neglect, trauma, difficult relationships, mood problems and managing long term health conditions. I also work with adults with ASD/ADHD. In addition to working with distress I offer ‘life reflection’ sessions for individuals who just need a space to ‘pause’ and think about their wellbeing, and for self development.


My specialist interest is therapies and I draw from a number of models to integrate what is helpful for the individual I am working with. My approach is reflective and gentle, but also honest and not shying away from safely talking about things that are traumatic or more difficult to talk about. I enjoy working working with people of all ages and backgrounds


Aside from being a Clinical Psychologist I am also a home educating mummy, which is a challenging but beautiful experience - I feel very privileged to have this role. I have a mixed cultural background as although I am British I grew up abroad, and my family life continues to be a mixture of cultures with my husband originating from Fiji. I am a Christian.

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