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(Terms and Conditions for Psychological Therapy)


These Terms and Conditions set out what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. This forms our Therapy Contract.




We are UK trained, registered and insured Clinical Psychologists. This contract and the work to which it relates are subject to the jurisdiction of the laws of England and Wales.




What you share with us in your sessions is private and will be kept confidentially. This means we will not share your information with anyone without your consent, bar limits of confidentiality outlined below.


Mutually agreed sharing of information

Sometimes it is helpful to share your information with others, e.g. with your GP or a trusted family member. If you feel this would be helpful we will ask you to sign a consent form clearly naming the person / people you wish us to share with.


Clinical Supervision

All Clinical Psychologists attend regular supervision to ensure good practice. Dr McCaig and Dr Hare receive regular supervision where your case may be discussed. Your anonymity will always be maintained within the service.



For your awareness clinical notes can be subpoenaed should we be called to court.


Limits of Confidentiality

If we are concerned that you, or someone else, is at risk of harm we will not be able to maintain confidentiality. We have a professional duty of care and statutory obligation to communicate any such concerns to the relevant authorities. This is to protect your, or someone else’s safety. If we have to break confidentiality we will always try to discuss this with you first.






We are registered with the ICO and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it applies in the UK, tailored by the Data Protection Act (2018).


We are serious about protecting your privacy and security, and take the following measures to do so:


Data Collection

We only collect and store information which is necessary and relevant to our therapeutic work together: to promote a good quality therapeutic relationship, therapy, and care.



We only use encrypted products for communication:

•    Video calls: we use Zoom (

•    Emails: We use encrypted email


Please note that although we only use encrypted, secure online platforms to protect your privacy and confidentiality, this does not 100% guarantee a breach may not occur.


You may choose to have phone calls, or use a different means of video communication (e.g. FaceTime/Whatsapp), however this will be on the understanding that you know these means of communication are less secure and so have more risk of your privacy being breached.


Data Storage

· We use a GDPR compliant cloud solution to securely store your personal information and case notes.

· We have locked metal filing cabinets for securely storing any additional information.


Data Sharing

When sharing your information we will only share the minimum information needed, with the people who need to know, to ensure you are provided with a good quality of care.

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