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Our Approach

We aim to offer a variety of sessions to meet your needs;

Screening session

If you are not sure if online therapy is for you please book one of our half hour screening sessions.  You will be provided with a short questionnaire to complete before your session which will help us to know a bit about the issues you are facing and help guide our conversation.  At the end of the half hour we will decide what to do next and whether you would like to go ahead with a full assessment.

Assessment session

You might want to go straight for a full assessment session.  In preparation you will be sent some questionnaires to complete in order to guide the assessment and to help us both think about what might best help.  This takes up to one and a half hours and you will be provided with a written summary of what we have discussed following the session with recommendations.  If you have completed a screening session first this session will be an hour as some of the information will have been gathered already.

Therapy sessions

Once you have completed the assessment and been provided with a summary of the recommendations you will be able to go ahead and book therapy sessions at suitable times using our online diary and you will be given access to our members area whilst you are completing regular sessions.

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