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The fairy door in the wood; creating a serene space using your senses

Focusing on your individual senses (sight, sound,smell, taste, touch) to promote calmness can be very helpful when you are feeling overwhelmed. Creating your own 'mental getaway' or 'serene space' to escape to for a short while can also be very beneficial, giving you a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life. I was recently inspired to create my own calming world when I came across a little fairy door during a walk through a local wood. I have no idea who put it there but it made me think about the world I would create behind that door - what would I choose to walk into if only I could? This inspired my poem below.

I challenge you to try, like I did, to use the first letter of each sense to come up with your own magical and calming world to escape to.......

I came across this door today

Nestled in a woodland tree

I peered low down to look right through

Excited by what I see...

Stunning blossoms

Ivy climbing

Gardens full of stars

Hidden troves of golden treasure

Tantalising me forever

Soulful singing

Orchestral chimes

Unchained melodies

Notes so soft and ever tender

Dwelling in their blissful sender

Sugared almonds

Mulled sweet wine

Exquisite perfumery

Lemon, lime and cherry brandy

Lying in the air like candy

Toffee hoops


Sweet apples, luscious pears

Tempting spices on my tongue

Enticing me with tastes unsung

Tender feathers

Open arms

Unfold like wings on clouds

Cover me with sweetest kisses

Hold me close to all my wishes

So when you're feeling troubled

And don’t know what to do

Look right through your fairy door

Their world will comfort you...

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